Years ago I was collecting shells I found abandoned on Algarve beaches and decided to do something useful with them, so I drilled holes and threaded them on cord. Since then I have developed my skills and designs to produce much more beautiful, intricate and special pieces.

I get my inspiration from all different walks of life, especially colour and often design pieces based on specific tones and hues. I only design and make one of each item, so you know you have a unique piece and won’t see someone else wearing the same as you. I  like to compliment items of clothes with a special piece of jewellery designed exclusively for it.

I have designed for weddings, including the brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride, which have included the classic white, cream and ivory pearls, to Pure Silver designs and matching to the bridesmaids dress colours. Clients have also brought me clothing, hats and bags for special occasions and functions they want new pieces of jewellery to wear with.

No request is too small so please contact me with any queries or requests.